We are creating the Indigenous Market Place Connect (IMP) helping Indigenous people succeed in business.

In developing the Indigenous Market Place Connect (IMP) is a data-enabled software platform that makes the IPP less of a burden to all parts of the procurement ecosystem. It operates by integrating at key stages through the procurement and project lifecycles, and by analysing data to make IPP compliance easier for all stakeholders.

Indigenous Market Place Connect helps procurement manage the IPP by:

1. Certifying which contractors and sub-contractors are majority indigenous owned – saving time

2. Providing verification of an indigenous contractor’s capability – reducing risk

3. Delivering rich and visualised reporting against IPP and social procurement targets to regulators – saving effort

The Indigenous Market Place will create additional benefits for indigenous contractors who will gain more access to RFQs, and get help winning contracts.

The Indigenous Market Place helps regulators by reporting IPP compliance in a common format and reporting on the IPP’s outcomes in more detail.

To find out how you can get involved in the IMP contact Tanealle.