Guardian Wellness

Point of Care technology

Refers to the clinical monitoring or pathology testing performed by, or on behlaf of, a medical practitioner at the time of the consultation for diagnosing acute conditions and for monitoring chronic conditions.
The cost of Point of Care desktop diagnostic machines has declined considerably and their sophistication and reliability has improved markedly in recent years. These technologies are already well established in numerous markets globally.
Guardian Wellness is well versed in the applications of various Point of Care technologies and how they can be used to derive significant cost savings for a business or alternatively to enable earnings growth through new business models. In addition we have deep technical understanding of the various product offerings available globally and can further assist in assessing and selecting relevant Point of Care technologies for specific applications.

Predictive Analytics

Most, if not all, point of care screening and monitoring devices we would introduce have the technical functionality to be integrated into a single cloud environment enabling enhanced data analytics capabilities. This is above and beyond increased access to lower cost of provision that point of care technology directly affords the client in the near term and is accretive to the impact and sustainable value realized from more predictive disease management.

Guardian Wellness are currently exploring collaborating with leading technology and analytics providers as this is a natural opportunity to partner with relevant technical experts to get this to scale.