JNC Group community: committed to giving back

JNCtech is part of the JNC Group family, comprising of a portfolio of businesses, that are committed to giving back and supporting the wider community. JNC Group is a majority owned Indigenous enterprise and proudly Supply Nation Certified.

Within JNC Group, social outcomes are a key performance indicator, and we commit a portion of our profits to help build enriching community projects. To view recently supported projects, click here to view our external community website.

JNC Group family consists of several companies that work together to achieve excellence, innovation and quality to deliver cost-effective solutions across the globe. JNC Group utilises its experience in project management, and draws on the specialist skills of the other companies, to deliver solutions across a range of technologies, civil construction, infrastructure, signage, high level security fencing and commercial landscaping projects. JNC Group provides Federal Government, NSW Government Authorities, Local Government, and major developers with a safe and efficient alternative source of civil contracting and project management resources. JNCtech is a proud member of the group portfolio.