ADIQATs data integration platform, collects, combines and shares the data needed to improve the quality and safety of ageing in Australia.

ADIQAT connects to (instead of replacing) the technologies in aged care to create an ongoing data feed. Easing the burden of compliance.

1. ADIQAT combines this data into a unified data model. This data model transforms all this complex and disparate data into an insightful and real-time image of our aged care sector.

2. ADIQAT shares its data with both the Department of Health and the Aged Care Commission, enabling them to effectively monitor and oversee the aged care sector.

3. ADIQAT also shares data with other aged care stakeholders, creating a new asset that can help Australians enjoy their right to a dignified and affordable retirement.

In the same way the New Payment Platform transformed Australian financial services with a new and purpose-built payment infrastructure; we believe ADIQAT can improve the quality of health care with a purpose-built data integration platform, connecting, combining, sharing and improving the data in the aged care ecosystem.

To find out more about the ADIQAT project’s progress, or to get involved with its development, contact Kevin Zammitt.